Sunday, December 7

Love Is in the Air

Or, more like pheremones, I s’pose.

Like, I know it was the Hollywood Ball and everyone was all glammed up and gorj and etc., but people, puh-leeze!

Contain yourselves.

Amongst those who were spotted having, um, a ball:

  • Spence and Jer, previously of Spence-and-Jer, locking lips in—ew—the coatroom. What’s up with that, guys? Not very graceful, Miss Kelly. Not to mention, what would TyTy think?
  • Somebody (or should I say, “bodies,” plural) steaming up the windows of a stretch limo idling curbside outside of the ball. Bonus points to whomever can send me a positive ID.
  • Trish Harlowe and Jordan Haddon getting grabby on the dance floor. Talk about dirty dancing. I thought we were going to have to hose those two off!

Of course, none of that amounts to anything when you consider our own miss Paige Andrews, ushered off in handcuffs at the eve’s end. That’s a whole different kind of “heat,” ya know?

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QweenKayleen said...

OMG, that whole thing about Paige was sooooo sad! I’m sure it’s a total misunderstanding.

I’ll let you know once I get the whole story from Paige.

Toni the Tigress said...

Yeah, babe. You just keep us posted.
And meanwhile, I’m sure all that white powdery stuff she had in her pocket was just talc. Totally.

Anonymous said...

Shes such a Lying Skank

Toni the Tigress said...

Oh, my wowza, Anony-Miss! While I certainly do appreciate your sentiment, it would mean oh-so-much more if you were to give us the full-frontal (exposure, that is--ie, reveal thy true identity)...