Wednesday, November 12

Three Strikes . . .

Sorry, Regan Stanford, but you know how the saying goes. And, my darling?

You. Are. Out.

Let’s just call it official.

As per our own headmistress, in-house Brad-cam footage has revealed our own little Cali-chick to be the perpetrator of crimes against Ben Franklin.

ZOMG—I never saw it coming!

Except, um, not.

Let’s review Tabloid Betty’s scandalicious history thus far, shall we?

Exhibit the first:
Her stint in rehab and rumored topsy-turvy relationship with Ryder Jared.

Exhibit the second:
The quality time she’s been spending with Jeremy Brown since making her debut here on the Main Line.

Exhibit the third:
Her backslide-tastic behavior at the gala. Medication, my aunt Fanny.

And then there’s the whole defaming our school mascot and etc.

Ooh—I guess that’s actually four strikes, Reegs. We even gave you one for good measure.

Tsk, tsk.

These Hollywood types are simply nothing but trouble.

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