Monday, September 29

BLIND ITEM: Fresh Meat

Really girlies? Really really?

You thought that despite being . . . er . . . generationally challenged, you’d be able to sneak in under the radar and insert yourself into today’s social planning committee meeting?

Two words for you, my darlings (well, really just the one of you. The brazen one, filled to the brim with bad-ideaitis):

Not. Even.

I don’t care what sort of master-jock your brother is, who your father manages, generally, and which junior-class wanna-bes you keep time with.

Not. Even.

(And if you don’t know exactly whom I’m referring to? You deserve to be held back, too.)

Saturday, September 27

BLIND ITEM: Who’s Soiree Now

Which head-turning Mean Girl was making death-ray eyes at CaliforniaChic last night during an impromptu A-lister bash at Kenzo Takahashi’s newest restaurant?

Well, if it wasn’t everyone’s favorite Princess Grace, and it wasn’t our budding Fashionista, that only leaves . . .

Never you mind, dearies; I’m sure you can all guess.

Suffice it to say, girlfriend spent the better half of the evening looking like she’d accidentally sucked-down a rancid double-tall soy latte.

Watch your back, Reegs. Your new frenemy isn’t happy unless she’s the one making headlines. She gets front page billing . . . geddit?

Monday, September 8

Social Graceless

Well, my pretty kitties, most of you have probably already heard about the Main Line’s new Little Miss, AKA Regan Stanford. By all accounts, she’s “CaliforniaChic,” (read “boho”), "vegan” (read: “’rexic”), and, apparently, fresh out of rehab. She made her debut at the Kelly cocktail party last night, though apparently she behaved herself and stuck strictly to the mocktinis.

The jury’s still out on what Bradford’s resident GoldenGirl has to say about this West-Coast import, but regardless of where Regan ultimately settles on the social register, it looks like she’s already made one conquest:

Jeremy Brown.

Oh, yes.

Not back from his do-goodly mission even a week, my sources tell me he was spotted chasing after New Girl as she fled the Kelly carriage house—good and flustered.

Well, Jeremy always did give good fluster, right?

Looks like this fallen LA-Angel knows how to get a party started—sober or not.

In other news: Getting it on in the servant’s quarters, Dalton? With the hired help? How very . . . equal opportunity of you.

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