Wednesday, December 10

Your Best Shot

Okay, okay, so maybe it’s not Paige’s best shot, from a purely aesthetic standpoint, but still . . . it’s a goodie.

My kitty-cats, I have managed to get my paws on a copy of Miss Andrews’ mug shot! Are you ready for her close-up?

Rumor has it that Daddy bought her the bestest lawyer on the payroll—not surprising. And I’m hearing that despite being caught red-handed, girl has worked out a rather cushy plea. In fact, it’s back to Zephyr, where group therapy is tempered by grilled Mahi-Mahi, and detox is softened by daily detours to the sauna, the massage studio, and the outdoor pool.

All together now: poor, poor Paige.

Wonder how she’s gonna do with her take two? At least Regan Stanford won’t be around to play best-frenemies this time . . .

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QweenKayleen said...

Super sad! I'm so sure Paige is totally innocent.

Toni the Tigress said...

Uh, yeah. I'm so sure.

MooreOver said...

Show of hands: how many of us saw this one coming?

CatPower said...

Oh, snap! But yeah, turnabout is fair play, karma is a boomerang, etc., etc., etc.

Casey said...

Smile Paige. >)