Monday, October 27


So: which, ahem, Dangerous Player called in sick for field hockey practice this afternoon, leaving the rest of the team to forbear?

Not to worry, ma-petite-jockette, certain underclassmen were more than happy to pick up the slack. But then, you must have suspected as much.

And Mooreover, which henchskank/blitchbot/[insert your own euphemism HERE] was moore than happy to take stick in hand? The playa in question was overheard in the girls’ locker room regaling her teammates with stories of just what it was that had kept her fearsome leader otherwise occupied.

Hint: okay, yeah, it was an illness. Of a rather . . . delicate nature.

C'mon, girl—haven't you ever heard the expression, "no glove, no love?" These things are preventable, folks!


And now I’m feeling sick.